Rasin Mwen




Whether it’s on the soccer field or in a back alley in modern-day Haiti, the strong survive, but the smart thrive. Belensky Petion is a young man who happens to be a heavy gambler, an upcoming soccer star and womanizer. He is also heavily in debt to local loan shark Louidor. The potential soccer star and his American cousin are kidnapped and held for ransom. When their relatives are slow to pay, they have to use their wits and courage to stay alive. As his plight grows worse by the day, Belensky is about to learn how small Haiti can really be for him in his situation.

Ayiti Images returns with its fall series, with exciting and thought provoking films about the Haitian experience. Join us on Saturday, October 14th at 7pm at the Little Haiti Cultural Center. Spread the word and bring all your friends!

Why: Rasin Mwen (My Roots) Screening
When: Saturday, October 14th at 7pm
Where: Little Haiti Cultural Center, 212 NE 59th Terrace, Miami, FL
How: Tickets are $12
***Additional Info: Haitian Creole with English Subtitles | ***Rating warning: This movie has nudity, explicit language and violence. Not suitable for children under 13 years. Parental discretion is advised.