Rachelle Salnave

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Rachelle Salnave has balanced an extensive range of professional experiences. In a 10-year span, her documentary “Harlem’s Mart 125: The American Dream” won “Best Documentary” at the 2010 African World Documentary Film Festival in St. Louis, Missouri and was featured in the 2011 National Urban League Conference. In April 2012, Wine Spectator Magazine awarded Salnave “Grant Recipient” of the year for her work in showcasing Top Chef Celebrity, Ron Duprat.

Salnave’s short documentary “The Haitian Guantanamo Bay Experience: The Legal Journey” is part of an International exhibit called the “Guantanamo Public Memory Project” spearheaded by Columbia University.

After completing a Master’s degree in Motion Pictures at the University of Miami in May of 2014, she developed Ayiti Images, which is a film series showcasing Haitian films and its directors, traveling throughout South Florida creating forums to better explore the Haitian experience. In March 2015, The General Consulate of the Republic of Haiti in Miami nominated Salnave with the “Beacon of Hope and Achievement” award. Sundance Institute has selected Salnave as the 2015 Screenwriters Intensive Fellow.

Salnave traveled to Guatemala and created a short documentary, The Heavenly Nut Story, which looks at one family’s mission to save the environment by planting macadamia nut trees. Currently, her award-winning feature documentary, “La Belle Vie: The Good Life,” is touring the country in film festivals.


Rachelle Salnave serves as an Adjunct Film Professor at Miami Dade College