The concept of Ayiti Images birthed from a burning desire to educate and project an authentic voice that depicts the Haitian experience from a humanistic perspective through the use of film and discussion. It is a traveling series that takes a film and its producer on the road throughout South Florida pit stopping in 6/7 areas within a few days. The series has inspired an opportunity to create a resource for these amazing film’s and the filmmakers behind it.

Miami, only 710 miles from Haiti, has the largest concentration of the Haitian Diaspora living in the United States. Haitian's are also the 2nd largest immigrant population in Florida. With those facts, our mission has been to provide quality films about this unique Island by showcasing documentaries and narrative films that are diverse in its points of views so that the larger South Florida community can gain insight to this fast growing population. Ayiti Images also serves as a creative and entertaining platform for its residents to learn about the Haitian culture and make room to exchange their own realities.

Collaborating with local Universities, community organizations and cultural institutions, the film screening tours throughout South Florida a few times a year depending on the quality of films that are available for exhibition. The series also includes panel discussions, networking and music. Ayiti Images provides a platform for these award-winning films that are seldom shown in these markets by introducing their work to the community.

        Rachelle Salnave | Founder

        Ayiti Images began with a conversation about helping to promote the documentary Deported in the South Florida area. Similantaneously, Storming Papa Doc hopped on our laps. We then realized that we had a much bigger mission than creating our own films and just being local South Florida film promoters. Our mission became clear, use film as a platform to help change the identity of Haiti on many levels. Ayiti Images assists to change the identity of Haitian storytelling and its culture through its diversity of the voices behind the films. Ayiti Images serves as a collective as well, exposing amazing talent to the world through the context of Haiti and acting as a grassroots marketing team for Indy filmmakers focusing on the Island as their backstory. - Rachelle Salnave

        Jean H. Marcelin | Marketing Manager

        Growing up Haitian in the United States many of us have been faced with the challenges of people's negative perceptions of Haiti. I've always yearned to find ways to push the culture forward and highlight the beauty of Haiti, that so often is not told. There is a collective movement brewing that are telling these stories through their own eyes. Showcasing us first as human beings, and allowing the art to take form. HaitiLives!!- Jean H. Marcelin