Storming Papa

labellevie · December 09, 2015 · Past Films · 0 comments

Storming Papa Doc captures one of Haiti’s most haunting blockades in Haitian history. On July 28th, 1958, a team of ex-army officers, lead by former Tuskgee Airmen, Alix Pasquet travel to Haiti from Florida landing in Delugé, north of the Haitian capital to begin their plot in overthrowing Haitian President, Dr. François Duvalier. Director Mario L. Delatour captures this memorable siege through the use of animation and intercuts the story by documenting real life interviews from the people who survived the violent show down. For the generation who lived through this era, the night of July 28th, 1958 would have changed course of Haitian history forever.

Directed by Mario Delatour | French Version and English Versions are available





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