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Through a series of portraits, this film gives voice to offenders (sentenced to penalties of varying severity), who, at the end of their prison sentence in North America are deported to their home country, Haiti. Back in Port-au-Prince, a city they left as children, a new life begins for these “Americans” in an environment that is both completely unfamiliar and quite hostile. Caribbean and Latin  American countries are experiencing the heavy burden associated with the forced “migration” of a population  unprepared for its return (with no family ties in their “home”  country nor mastery of the Creole language) and lack the means to manage any sort of re-integration. The film is built around trips between Haiti, where the deported now reside (and were followed for three years), and North America where their families, who know nothing of their loved one’s new life, are torn with anxiety, blame and regret. After a one-year respite following the deadly earthquake of January 12, 2010, the deportations resumed in January 2011.

Directed by Rachèle Magloire and Chantal Regnault.

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